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What To Do After A Car Accident In Roanoke, VA

What to Do After a Car Accident in Roanoke, VA

A car accident can turn an ordinary day into one of stress and confusion. In those crucial moments after the crash, your decisions matter. Not taking the correct steps to protect your rights can make it much more challenging to recover fair compensation for your injuries.

The Roanoke car accident lawyers at Strickland, Diviney & Segura have compiled this essential guide to help Virginia residents make informed choices after a collision. With decades of legal experience and a proven record of success for our clients, we understand the challenges involved in these cases. Stay safe and informed with these essential steps.

Follow Your Prescribed Treatment Plan

Following your doctor’s prescribed treatments after a car accident is crucial for your health and potential legal proceedings. Prompt medical attention helps ensure that hidden injuries don’t worsen over time. Further, consistent medical records bolster your claim, as insurers will use any gaps or inconsistencies in your medical treatment to undermine the severity of your injuries.

Save All Your Medical Records and Receipts

After a car accident, your medical records and receipts are tangible evidence of the extent and impact of your injuries. They chronicle the details of your medical treatments and provide a clear account of the associated costs.

If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, these records are instrumental in substantiating your case. Insurance companies and opposing attorneys often scrutinize every detail to assess claims. Having a comprehensive and organized record helps counter any attempts to dispute or diminish the severity of your injuries. Furthermore, the financial documentation provided by receipts aids in ensuring you receive the appropriate compensation for your medical expenses. If you do not have all of your medical records and bills, do not fret. Your attorney will assist you in compiling them.

Don’t Give Any Recorded Statements to Insurance Companies

If you sustain injuries in a car accident, it’s essential to exercise caution when talking to insurance companies, especially when they request recorded statements. While insurance adjusters may present themselves as friendly and helpful, their primary objective is to protect the company’s bottom line.
In these situations, recorded statements can be a minefield. Without realizing it, you might make offhand remarks or provide ambiguous details that can be taken out of context or used against you to devalue or deny your claim.

Don’t Post About the Crash on Social Media

In today’s digital age, it’s a natural inclination to share your experiences, including accidents, on social media. However, if you suffered injuries in a collision, it’s imperative to exercise restraint. Insurance companies and opposing legal teams routinely scour social media for information they can use against claimants. For instance, a simple picture of you smiling at a gathering might be used to imply that you’re not as injured or traumatized as you claim. Additionally, the fluid nature of memories and the informal nature of social media can lead to discrepancies between your official account and your online comments.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Immediately

An experienced car accident attorney can offer vital guidance related to your legal case, ensuring no crucial steps or deadlines are missed. They can act swiftly to gather and preserve critical evidence, which can become less accessible as time passes. Furthermore, with insurance companies often aiming to minimize payouts, a dedicated attorney can level the playing field. They can accurately assess the actual value of your claim, taking into account all your losses, and work to maximize your compensation.

Contact Our Roanoke Car Accident Attorneys Today

The aftermath of a car accident can feel overwhelming, but by making informed decisions and with the right support, the path to recovery and justice becomes clearer. Strickland, Diviney & Segura stands ready to assist you and provide the experience and advocacy you need. Call (540) 982-7787 today or reach out online for a confidential case review.

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