We feel privileged when asked by clients and referring lawyers to take on their cases.  Below are some examples of our work for them.

$2,750,000 Verdict (reduced to the statutory cap of $2,050,000) – Medical malpractice case involving the death of a young man and father of two from an undiagnosed pulmonary embolus. The Defendant ER doctor failed to order the appropriate tests and studies to diagnose the Decedent’s condition. As a result, his pulmonary embolus went undiagnosed and untreated resulting in his death several weeks later.

$1,250,000 Settlement – Premises liability case where flowerpots prevented our client from holding onto the handrail as he walked up exterior stairs.  Because he could not hold onto the handrail, he lost his balance on the last step, fell forward, and fractured his knee caps.  The client required multiple procedures and hospitalizations.  His case settled shortly before trial.

$1,000,000 Verdict – A home health nurse was sexually assaulted by the person she was caring for.

$850,000 Settlement – A medical malpractice case where a widow and adult children alleged that their family member died as a result of a healthcare provider’s negligence.

$815,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice case where our client’s vascular surgeon failed to timely treat his vascular disease.  As a result, the patient required emergent surgery.  The case settled shortly before trial.

$700,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice case where an anesthesiologist failed to treat low blood pressure during spinal surgery. The Decedent went into acute renal failure, had to be admitted to the ICU and then died from multi-system organ failure.

$600,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice case where a physician failed to timely diagnose our client’s arm fracture.  When surgery was performed on our client’s arm, full range of motion was not restored.  Our client alleged that had surgery been performed sooner, the outcome would have been better.

$400,000 Verdict – Medical malpractice case that involved an interventional radiologist who performed an unnecessary procedure on the patient’s right leg. Instead of just treating the left leg, the radiologist intervened on the right leg. This resulted in a number of complications including amputation of the patient’s right leg and death.

$387,000 Verdict – Medical malpractice case involving improper performance of a hysterectomy. The surgery caused a vesico-vaginal fistula (continuous an involuntary discharge of urine into the vagina) which the OB-GYN failed to detect during the hysterectomy. The OB-GYN attempted to correct it on her own without involving a urologist or other specialist. This resulted in a delay in treating and correcting the fistula. The patient leaked urine continuously for several months before a urologist corrected the condition.

$375,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice case where an emergency room physician failed to adequately treat a throat infection.  Over the course of approximately 24 hours, our client developed abscesses in her throat and required re-admission to the hospital, intubation, and surgical drainage.

$359,212 Verdict – Conversion case where a lawyer stole $77,995 in stock and $20,513 in cash from his former law partners and concealed the theft for several years.  The trial judge awarded $259,212 in compensatory damages and $100,000 in punitive damages to our clients, the widows and children of the deceased law partners.

$350,000 Settlement – Trucking accident on I-81. The Defendant improperly used a cut-through to go from the Southbound lane to the Northbound lane. He pulled out in front of traffic which caused our client to collide with the rear of his paving truck.

$350,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice case where our client suffered a fall and fractured hip at a nursing home.

$300,000 Verdict – Medical malpractice involving the failure to treat a priapism. The patient suffered permanent urologic injuries as a result.

$300,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice case where our client’s ureter was injured during a hysterectomy.

$226,000 Settlement – Car accident case in which a passenger in a van hit head on by a truck who alleged he swerved to avoid a tractor-trailer that made a dangerous turn. The driver of the truck and the tractor-trailer blamed each other for the wreck. It ultimately resolved following a mediation.

$140,000 Settlement – Premises liability case where our client fell down her apartment building’s exterior stairs when it did not have a handrail.  She suffered an injury to her wrist.

$125,000 Settlement – Rear-end accident on I-81 caused by the failure of the Defendant to pay attention to the fact that traffic had come to a stop in front of him.