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$600,000 Settlement

Head-on collision where our client suffered cervical fractures, a leg wound, and a broken ankle. All of her injuries were treated non-operatively.

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$300,000 Settlement

Tractor-trailer accident where trailer made an improper lane change. Our client suffered rib fractures and a laceration to her scalp. She did not require surgical treatment.

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$400,000 Verdict

Our client had a green light and attempted to turn left off the highway when another vehicle collided with his. He suffered a broken leg and required surgery. The other driver claimed she had a green light. Both our client…

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$226,000 Settlement

Car accident case in which a passenger in a van hit head on by a truck who alleged he swerved to avoid a tractor-trailer that made a dangerous turn. The driver of the truck and the tractor-trailer blamed each other…

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